Rolls Around the Kit – The Book

The book that started it all.
The original Rolls Around the kit.
Exclusive only to Rob’s course, this book was only available to the hundreds of successful students that Rob has taught over the years…
Until now!
Rob is now offering this book online for the first time.
Packed with roll patterns around the set mixed with basic rock grooves,
Rolls introduces a drummer to rudiments behind rolls and fills, and how they apply to songs.
In between touring and recording with Artok.
Rob takes the time to teach new students and apply his ever expanding techniques and experience to eager young drummers.
“Rolls Around the Kit is an essential part of my teaching courses.”
says Taylor. “It’s a book that points a student in a creative direction.

This is a paper version of the book. It will be sent by mail after purchase is complete.
Click here for the digital copy of the book.

Rolls Around the Kit – The Book
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$20 outside US & Canada